*now Important* I maybe post something 'Yaoi' so,if you don't like it just ignore me okay?

hello, I'm Beriuos or you can just call me Beri.English is not my native language forgive me for my broken english.
This Tumblr...
I post some of my works that maybe not post on DA [mostly now I think..],
and personal stupid things, a lot doodles! and screenshot of WIPs. also, games that I playing.
Who I Stalking

anon and some follower asked me about clothes of dragons humanized for cosplay and I was like really!? I have to..I want to finish it but I can’t…urg…..well, since my computer had a problem with white screen and keep flickering and my laptop is very slow that can’t even art on A5 size.

[I actually draw on A3 size and my laptop is overheat pfft…]

anyway I give you some rough sketch like… really really rough on paper. SORRY!! [cell phone is suck sorry about that too. scanner not working…:\ ]

don’t mind that anatomy tho :V

god dang it _(:qJ L)_

I don’t want to do the line art of this. I want to paint over it. LOL!

I don’t want to do the line art of this. I want to paint over it. LOL!

OMFG!!! all your kind words!!!

THank you because of all wonderful friends + followers the anon hate never got me. dawwwwww *hugs all of yaa*

๋Jade color palette number 13

Revit & Psyber number 16

Asker walridur Asks:
Ugh your art is definition of perfect in the fandom! Don't worry about haters, probably they're just don't know how to accept your taste, and doesn't mean anime looking face is gay -__- You're good at drawing scifi and cybertronians so it's fine c;
beriuos-artblog beriuos-artblog Said:

awwwawaawa Thank you very much! ;v; 

but some people still keep saying it is gay.*facepalm*


oh sorry…








but I really don’t care


what I draw mostly it’s my taste and it’s not for you.

anyway, it’s okay if you don’t like what I draw


nothing wrong with gay. 

nothing wrong with anime. 

okay? byeeeeee.

ps. I don’t really like to post anon hate tho but I just found this fabulous gif yesterday. so, it’s great to respond this anon hate LOL.

ps2. not only warframe but I got about httyd and TF too.

  • friend : why Rhino Prime doesn't have Golden skin anymore? Is it bug?
  • me : nahhh, maybe it's look like poop so, they changed it.
  • friend : .......but why it's have to be this blue-silver color?
  • me : because that's Platinum skin. they added blue to make a different from normal iron skin. LOL
  • friend : oh....okay
  • me : yep
  • friend : but it's bug
  • me : just saying
  • friend : just saying too
I should sleep but I doodle this… not sorry :U
rizo-tihorizon it’s your bby and mine yooooooooo LOL

I should sleep but I doodle this… not sorry :U

rizo-tihorizon it’s your bby and mine yooooooooo LOL

ว้าย รุ้สึกท่าเจดแลดูแฮ่น *กราบพี่เน* ทำแบบเรวิทหายไปไหนไม่รู้อีกแงงงงเดี๋ยวจะไปค้นบลอกวาดแบบนี้แก้ขัดไปก่อนนะครัฟฟฟฟ…. :U………………….


….so sleepy  _(:3J L)_

this challenge I got 3 LOKI… 3 LOKI!!!

1 Gavyn 2 Caliem all are my OC…. like seriously!? :V



ก็อยากจะจิตบ้างอะไรบ้าง ไม่ค่อยได้วาดไซบจิตเลยช่วงนี้แบบมุ้งมิ้งบ๊องแบ๊วตลอด

I’m feeling hurt instead of him TvT~~

don’t worry he has healing factor like deadpool or wolverine. LOL

8 people unfollow me

:v did I post too much negative post???

maybe they just delete their blogs ;w;?….


It’s too damn CUTEEEEEE!!!! FFFFFFF!!!!

Asker naetheenae Asks:
คาลิเอมเวอร์ชั่น 2.0 เบอร์ 8 ค่ะ XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beriuos-artblog beriuos-artblog Said:



คาลิเอม 2.0

รู้สึกใช้เวลานาน oTL

Caliem 2.0 color number 8

wait…. why you ask for my chara anyway!? >X’D

Asker radegund Asks:
ข ขอกาวิ้น สีก็ 9 เลยจ้า (●ฅ́дฅ̀●)
beriuos-artblog beriuos-artblog Said:



จัดไป  กาวิ้น

gavyn color number 9