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*now Important* I maybe post something 'Yaoi' so,if you don't like it just ignore me okay?

hello, I'm Beriuos or you can just call me Beri.English is not my native language forgive me for my broken english.
This Tumblr...
I post some of my works that maybe not post on DA [mostly now I think..],
and personal stupid things, a lot doodles! and screenshot of WIPs. also, games that I playing.
All images and notes found in my blog are all mine except for those I reblog. Similarities and copying of any content in my blog without any permission is strictly prohibited. If you will use any of the content in this blog, you must give me some credits or use my blog as the source. Thank you for understanding. Good day.
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humanized em all gender bend them all I am not really sorry about it

I know that chika is a girl and bonnie is maybe girl too..

but I end up draw them as men. ;w;

warframe genderbender volt my volt sketches doodles beriuos's works psyber 2.0

genderbend my volt because I cannnnn :y

warfra...nope genderbender will post psyb 2.0 genderbent later

repost in photoset.

genderbender is another thing I like to do and for some reason…I found they more attractive than their original gender. *cover my face*


yes, I am. so?

You could also post the one where Psyber sings and she yells at him!

I lost it

warframe doodles beriuos's works repost

oburd asked: Will you do volt x valkyr? Plz T^T

I ship them before. 

too bad there is no fanart of them……

except I draw this long time ago… :V [not that long]


does it count?? sorry, if it’s unmasked.

urggggg is it wrong if I like my own OC very much fffffff genderbend is awesome psyb as a girl huuhuhuu don't be a guy god damn it why I draw you as a guy?? tho I like your both version asdfghj let me scream


warfra...nope beri y work beriuos's woks ข เขิน!!!!!!!

I told you. I told you that I maybe post something yaoi. \(//∇//)\

Lineart by Beriuos (me) Color by rizo-tihorizon 

dragon my art beriuos's works OldWork repost from DA

there was a time that I draw dragons…. :V

I spend many hours on them. LOL

beriuos's works heh... warframe

god-damn-tenno asked: ☠: My fist to your kisser. [[Can I? CAN I?????????? u know WHO I want *Inkary utters ultrasonic sounds on the background]]


//you know who?did you mean voldemortl?

//took me for hours to figure it out..fine fine



//oh, did I disappointed you?


beriuos-artblog replied to your post: Reaction pic >w>

wait….shaft tilt!?



Just my faceclaim

pffft I see XD

at first I thought of this :P

close enough

warframe volt maniac volt unmasked doodles beriuos's works

doodles doodles doodles. back to draw all the memes.

my tenno has human facial but I didn’t say it’s can’t change to something else. :P

source art i lost faith in humanity WHY???

right now, I actually mad to the people who don’t give artist credit/source art.

it’s like… I really like that artwork but I don’t know who making it!!!!!!!!!!!!

and right click then search by image on google didn’t help much, y’know?

because it’s on pixiv!! some art don’t show on google! 

I just want to follow and like the art from original artists.

I know you want to share but I guess you don’t care and don’t respect the artist who making it.

warframe nekros sketches beriuos's works

Anonymous asked: Could you make an unmasked drawing of nekros? But maybe not make it look like his jaw is about to fall off?

I sketched it long time ago and posted it somewhere in my blog

anyway, I just gonna repost it.


oh…and his jaw not about to fall off too. :V


I’m a cutie cockroach. don’t kill me. :V

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