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The Lazy King and Aggressive Cockroach who in RagnarokOnline, Transformers, KingdomeHeart, FinalFantasy7 and KamenRider fandom. right now addicted in Warframe. I doodles a lot and drama a lot in this blog. I'm mostly friendly to people. except you make me hate you.
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pokemon humanized contest stuff for friends because I wanna go japan :V I ony do sketches sketches beriuos's works crop art

*throw sketches at friend* GO!! do line art and color…

I’m done…. *pitful sob ever*

I like FLAREON and SYLVEON the most - w -”.

can’t do a lot details because friend’s reasons…. :v

want but can't I hate contest work the most whyyyyyyy doodles beriuos's works warframe ps. Psyber has new haircut

Psyber : bored already? wanna play??

Beri : NO

beriuos's works volt unmasked warframe

and this is why I don’t like doing lineart HAHAHAHAHAHA!! :U *sob*

[and too many layers oTL….]

next time…I’ll do it better *shaking fist*

beri y work doodles marek asher


for rizo-tihorizon RP meme something like that.

actually, just wanna draw something cute[+BL] WAHAHAHAAHAAAA

oh god why warframe


have you ever try to greet someone in friend list on Warframe and you just like…

'I can't…. I'm too nervous'

'will I creep them out??? b…but it's just greeting'

'I want to play with them what should I talk to them?'

'they're busy in game/mission maybe I'll wait and say hi later'

'oh! they in lobby now! I going to greet them…… or maybe not?'

and end up don’t say anything ’nah….. maybe..next time’

………….then go solo mission…;w;……….

1 year has passed and I still do the same :V

signal boost


Okayy. I don’t really know how to put this into words so I’ll just start talking.

I’m Kikiface, some of you may know me, some of you may not. I’m having an anxiety attack as I type this, but the truth of it is—I need help.

By no means does this post mean people HAVE to donate to me, and I’m trying to remind myself of that, but right now my skin feels like it’s on fire. This is hard for me.

Right now, I have no income. I have no idea when that income is coming back. Everyone around me is struggling, and I am sinking. I have worsening anxiety and depression. I’ve spend years of my life fighting admitting that I need and accepting help, but here I am now. 2014 has, by far, been the worst year of my life—which I feel incredibly guilty for saying, because I watched my brother die three and a half years ago. I had a close call this September, and it took the worried and concerned eyes of cruise ship security and my family finding me at 4am, not knowing what I was planning to do.

I can recall a time when I could do twenty commissions in a day and make rent. I could offer commissions, I could do commissions, I could plan a patreon, I could sell my artwork—but right now, I can’t. I can handle everything I have on my plate, but if I take any more, I can break.

I have recently gone to the doctor, and I was referred to a psychiatrist. I’m doing my best to find someone who takes my shit insurance. It’s difficult. And I’m fighting giving up.

If I don’t find a way back unto my feet, we’ll lose our home ((again)) and I’m not sure what I will do. I’m not confident my mom wants to support me. Since we battled a year of Leukemia with my older brother, which ultimately landed us without him, my mom has hated taking care of anyone but herself. I honestly don’t blame her. I feel like a failure not being able to provide her with more. Especially when I know that my skill with art can make me a living, but my mental health keeps me from even wanting to wake up at times. I’ve spent far too long living in my late brother’s shadow, and now everything is coming to a head. You can tell by how I used to post art multiple times a day, and now it has dwindled to pathetic numbers a week. My drive is dying, it’s like a piece of me is dying and it’s really hard for me. Art is all I have.

I’m trying. I’m really trying. And I know this won’t be forever, but right now I need help. If anyone has any words they can attach to this to help my cause, I’d appreciate it, because now I’m choking up and I need to stop typing.

TL;DR: I need help meeting deadlines for rent, bills, food, and help for my crippling mental health for I’m not sure how long.

Donations of $20 USD or more will receive a one time personal thank you note from me, so be sure to attach your name and address if you meet qualifications.

To donate, please click the button in my sidebar.

When you finish donating, if you hit ‘return to donation coordinator’, it will take you to this thank you page.

Signal boosting this post means more to me than you know. And I hope I can find a way to give back to the people who help me in any way. 

Thank you for your time.

(via midnightparadox)

doodles beriuos's works warframe lotus unmasked

doodle before sleep

fuck I want this not my art


i really want to thank you all of you. i got 203  followers
(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) it  gift for you 

- one like and one reblog per person 

- this is a giveaway for my followers 

 - There will be 2 winner
     1st can get request from me  

     2nd  get loki n banshee :P 

- end 22 November 2014

I will choose the winners by a random number generator and then message them.

You must respond with in 2 day or I will reselect someone.

Good luck  everyone 

ps. For any questions, just drop an ask!

ps2. i’ll Scan this later . my scan  just trolling me now 

ปล2.5. เอาให้แฟร์ๆกัน ขอใช้โชคดีนะครับทุกท่านน คนไม่เยอะแน่ๆ โอกาศได้กันเยอะแหละ : D 

warframe wip beriuos's works


just done quick LS because my bro gonna take over my laptop…. :T

enlish not my native language damn it warframe not art hey I like to help but when they spamming questions at me is just killing me they don't give me time to explain
lazy to explain to new players

"you should check on warframe wiki"





[that time when I got asked too much and I’m stupid at english]

warframe video speed paint beriuos's works doodles Gender Bending

posted this before sleep
[speed paint] Warframe:Genderbend Lotus

finished image

warframe lotus Gender Bending doodles beriuos's works

genderbend lotus! :V and I blamed darikaart rizo-tihorizon LOL

warframe video speed paint beriuos's works

my video wip is here!
[speed paint] Warframe puppy kubrow&(my)unmasked volt

finished image

I have a good times on warframe and my life ruined LOL XDDDD warframe art recap beriuos's works prime time

just realized that my warframe fanart got feature for 10 times[12 pics] on Prime time *happy tears+grossly sob* 

I just feel like to draw her there actually other two chara I wanna draw warframe doodles valkyr beriuos's works

*pokes* short-valkyr-blast XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I miss to rp with you ;v; …

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